Sasha Dolls

Yesterday, I went down to Brighton to visit my Mum.  I forgot sometimes how nice Brighton is – my brother says the same thing.  We drank a couple of instant coffees then I went into her loft to see what toys I could liberate for my children (she suggested it).

I found these:

Girl doll
Girl doll
Boy doll
Boy doll

My Mum bought them in the eighties; I don’t think I ever played with them as I had horrible taste when I was a child and preferred pink plastic crap.  These are rather chic and stylish, now that I am an adult.  I am a bit frightened of letting my children play with them.

5 thoughts on “Sasha Dolls

  1. My sisters and I had several Sasha dolls when we were young and we still have them. I let my daughter play with mine – as her hand was chewed by a puppy of ours! For her first birthday my mother bought my daughter a Sasha doll that was in mint condition, still in her packaging. She’s stayed in her tube in the loft. They’re highly collectable now! I absolutely love them.

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  2. Oh, how lovely! You can rest assured that these two will hold up very well with play as Sasha was made as a play-doll. The larger doll is Sasha Sweater, she is the only Sasha “girl” from the 1980’s who had short hair. Your Brunette Baby looks to be wearing another baby’s outfit, Modern Gotz Sasha Baby, Patrick, wore these overalls. What a lucky re-discovery. Sasha dolls are my favorite things! Take Care 🙂


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