Moriaty’s Game

On Saturday, we played Moriaty’s Game with B and M – basically you get a load of clues by text and have to wander round Marylebone and Mayfair to get the answers.    Now, I don’t really know Mayfair or Marylebone all that well so it was great to get a reason to have a proper wander.

Hidden backstreets
Hidden backstreets

I’d always thought hidden alleys and backstreets were mainly a City of London thing but it turns out that there are loads in Marylebone and Mayfair.  It is really rather Dickensian.

Mayfair is really posh (the sort of area that oligarchs live in).  Marylebone is a bit less posh – they have quite a lot of student halls and there is virtually nothing for sale there because all the land is still owned by the Duke of Devonshire.

We got a time of 2 hours 7 minutes which, given that my husband had a broken ankle, was AMAZING.  Plus we got a box of chocolates at the end.

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