Sickness and injury

So, on Saturday night my daughter puked everywhere.  On Monday night, my son puked everywhere (and was sick all night).  These things happen with kids and he was back in preschool on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, my husband went out for a bunch of meetings and some drinks after work and came home rather merry with a sore ankle.  Yesterday, he decided that he should probably get it checked out in A&E, where he spent 10:30am until 4:30pm, and came home with an air cast for his broken ankle.

This has left me with a quandary.  I am meant to be meeting some friends down in Brighton tomorrow evening but it does seem a bit irresponsible to leave him alone to supervise a four and two year old.  Similarly, I’m meant to be going down to the IoW for the weekend next weekend with my friend S – he is vehement that I shouldn’t change my plans but I really can’t see how he is going to cope.  However, if I have to cancel, I need to do it soon because S has taken holiday.

I took the kids to the Angel Deli for their dinner yesterday.  I was in that sort of mood.  They’ve got some brilliant easter eggs out – I ended up telling my daughter that children can’t have easter eggs until Easter because It Is The Law.

Easter Eggs!
Easter Eggs!

2 thoughts on “Sickness and injury

  1. Do you have any parents/friends that can help him the few days you are away?

    I bet your fella can do more than you think… He will just need help to cook and do big things. The little things I bet he will be fine with.


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