So yesterday, I took the kids and our nanny to Yarmouth to do a bit of crabbing.  Now, I like crabbing – it counts as “wholesome, outdoors fun” and isn’t a total pain in the arse to make happen.  One thing you do need to do is put a pebble in the string bag along with some bacon (crabs love bacon. LOVE IT).

Our three crabs - pinchy, crabby and Boris
Our three crabs – pinchy, crabby and Boris

It was a nice day and I was glad of it because I STILL have a cold.  This one has made me almost completely deaf in my right ear.  It isn’t painful but it is a bit isolating – plus my driving seems much worse for some reason.  Perhaps it has also affected my coordination a bit.


We had a nice chat with the dude on Yarmouth Pier (he was there to mend some of the names on the planks, they wear away over time), who told us that we needed to be closer to the start of the pier to catch crabs.

I had to prevent my son from filling up the entire bucket with bacon.  He was very keen to feed our new pets.  Once we were done (we stayed for about half an hour), we let the crabs go.  We chucked the rest of the bacon into the sea, where the seagulls swiftly grabbed it.


Afterwards, we went to the cafe, where I had a delicious crab sandwich.

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