The duck race

On Saturday, it was the Yarmouth Duck Race.  They basically tip 1,000 yellow rubber ducks into the river Yar and see which one gets past the bridge.  It was a super windy day so nice and fast (if utterly freezing).

This was MUCH colder than it looks here

One ghastly thing happened – it was so windy, I had to hold the car door to stop it from knocking into the car next to us in the carpark – but didn’t succeed.  At which point the owners of the car arrived, looking seriously unimpressed.  Thankfully it didn’t mark their car as it only knocked the rubber bumper thing that protects cars from getting knocked.  Still rather embarrassing though.

There were lots of nice dogs at the Duck Race.  We aren’t getting one though

Easter Monday

Hey all

I hope you’ve had a great Easter and haven’t been too badly bothered by Storm Katie.  We have friends staying so I’m going to take a few days off from the blog.  I’m off to jump on a giant inflatable cushion.

The pleasure of being able to hear

After a bit of pondering, I’m not going to put the gross picture of my earwax on here.  I did put it onto Facebook and my brother commented that “putting this on the internet was a mistake”.  So I took it down again.

If you like that sort of thing, I recommend that you check out Nick Chitty on You Tube.  If you don’t like that sort of thing, avoid altogether.

Yet more trousers and shorts

It’s become apparent that virtually none of my son’s trousers fit him any more.  His hips have widened, making them all a bit too tight round the waist (this isn’t helped by tumble drying).  Plus, nearly all of them are much too short.  This must be the reason that incredibly posh prep schools have long shorts as part of the uniform – so the boys don’t outgrow their trousers every four minutes.

Now, Marks and Spencer have started doing their cheapie track bottoms in a five pack.  So I bought one.  These do tend to fall apart but:

  1. They are thin enough for summer; and
  2. They aren’t expensive.
Five pack!
Five pack!

I also bought him some shorts – I think he may be all set for shorts for summer now.  The ones below are incredibly thin (a bit like swimming shorts).  I’m not convinced that I like these all that much but that does mean I’m not going to get too tight lipped when he falls into the sea or covers them in bolognese.

Yes, the green ones ARE a bit of a funny shade
Yes, the green ones ARE a bit of a funny shade

I also got some jersey ones.  These will be really good for gymnastics.

These look comfy
These look comfy

The silence

I’m not planning to write very much about Belgium.  I don’t think I’m going to add very much to what has already been said by some far cleverer people.

Yesterday I went to St Paul’s Cathedral and, at 3pm, we observed a minute’s silence for people affected by war and terrorism.  It’s so funny, ordinarily I don’t think of St Paul’s as an actual church but it isn’t just a tourist attraction.