So, I have DECIDED that it is now Spring.  Officially, I think this doesn’t start until the 1st of March but my little daffodils are now out and there is blossom on the trees.  Plus some of my rosemary is flowering beautifully.


I’ve just had a deliciously hard prune of my buddleia and hydrangeas (last year, one of my hydrangeas went all summer without flowering and I suspect it was because it hadn’t been pruned).  Of course, they could now die but I can’t help that now.  It looks as though my gardener has already done the roses so I texted him to thank him.

I’ve also had a tidy up of my flowerbeds.  It looks as though you were all right and the nepeta has now started to revive itself.  I hope that the calamintha nepeta at the front does too.  Unfortunately, the euphorbia has also perked up (my husband hates it).  I’ve decided that I need some sea holly (the perennial one) to plug in some of the gaps.

A little while ago, I bunged some sweet violet seeds in trays in my cold frame.  The seed packet didn’t really give instructions so I winged it.  Nothing seems to have happened so far but then perhaps it takes longer than a couple of weeks for those to germinate.

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