Window box

So yesterday I tied up my window box.  It still looks TERRIBLE but at least it is tidy and terrible.


For someone who is interested in gardening, I don’t half neglect the one in London. Perhaps it will perk up once we get into Spring.

I’d already had a bit of a nightmare – we are off to the IoW for the weekend and my nanny is going to join us from Saturday night so I ordered her ticket online.  And went to pick it up at the Essex Road station.  Ha!  There were no staff.  So I got the train to Moorgate.  Where the lady told me that Moorgate isn’t a mainline station so I can’t print out tickets there.  So I got the Metropolitan line to Kings Cross, where I could print out the tickets – so I did.  Then I got the Victoria line home.  Ugh.

I have a headache.  Sorry this post isn’t more cheerful.  My mate M told me to get some Nurofen cold & flu tablets.  I’ll perk up soon.

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