Buying plants makes me feel better

On Friday morning, after dropping my kids off at nursery, I took my husband for breakfast at the Horse and Groom, then we went to Newport to buy some electrical supplies (I have no idea what, I stayed in the car and went on Twitter) and then we dropped into a garden centre I’d never been to before.

I do like a potter round a garden centre.  This one had lemon trees and monkey puzzle trees (my son would LOVE the latter but I have no idea how I would prune such a thing).  I ended up buying an ox-eye daisy which had been reduced to 99p and three bags of seed compost.

Ox-eye daisy
Ox-eye daisy
I guess this was why it was reduced
I guess this was why it was reduced

In the afternoon, I sowed my violet seeds in a couple of trays of seed compost, watered them (too much) and put them in my cold frame.  I had intended to do the basil as well but my husband has reminded me that the builders need to dig up all my herb garden to investigate a leak (they will do this when it is a bit drier) so I shouldn’t plant anything new there.  I guess if we want basil, we can do what other people do and buy some.

I also planted my ox-eye daisy in the wildflower meadow (to describe this as “wild” is a bit misleading as I actually pay it quite a lot of attention).

Fire at breakfast time - I had pancakes
Fire at breakfast time – I had pancakes

2 thoughts on “Buying plants makes me feel better

  1. You could start the basil in pots and transfer it outside later on.

    And how do you prune a Monkey Puzzle? You don’t. All you can do is tip prune. Once pruned they don’t regrow or sprout from the stem.

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