So I went ahead and cut back my honeysuckles, clematis and jasmine.  This is a bit hair-raising; my natural instinct is to cut everything back as hard as I can in the hope that it all springs back to life and remains ever youthful.  However, this does not always work.  When I was eight I did exactly this to my Mum’s clematis and it died.  She still mentions it and it was THIRTY YEARS AGO.

Honeysuckle (left) and clematis (right)
Honeysuckle (left) and clematis (right)

I also fed the climbers with some clematis food (this is meant to be once a week but it’s so damn wet here, I really don’t think they need any more moisture).  My jasmine is not doing all that well – I think it is in too shady a spot.  I had imagined it would cover the wall with fantastic white flowers, feeding bees and generally being beautiful.  Unfortunately, I think this is the sort of thing that only happens in west London.

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