Bumblebee in January

Yesterday, I went out and had a nose in Gibson Square.  This is a nice spot – and good for letting children ride their bikes / scooters / those hoverboard things that I think are lethal.  I had planned to go for a run but one of my NCT new mums turned up at my house.  ARGH!!!  I am hosting a new mum group on Wednesday so was thinking Damn, I emailed everyone with the wrong day.  It was actually sort of embarrassing, especially as she got me out of the shower.  And I think was a bit cross that she’d turned up and I hadn’t expected her (but, you know, was nice about it).  Anyway, thank goodness I hadn’t got the wrong day – she had just turned up a month early.

It was fine, particularly as she had brought me biscuits.  And I got to give her a lesson on getting buggies up and down steps (bend your knees, NEVER bend your back, tip the buggy onto the wheels nearest you and use your arms and core to glide over the steps).  You get good at hoiking buggies up and down stairs very quickly.

While I was in Gibson Square, I noticed that:

(1) Their roses are still very leggy so they haven’t cut them back yet.  Usually I think a non flowering rose is rather ugly but a group of them like this is sort of picturesque.  Of course, they may not cut them down very much, I think the roses here tend to be quite tall.

(2)  The daffodils are up and nearly flowering.  In January!  Either it is novel and exciting or really, really bad.

(3)  They have a lovely white heather.  I hope mine looks like this soon.

(4)  Bumblebee!  Don’t think I’ve ever seen one in January before.

Rose stems
Rose stems
White heather
White heather

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