I am in heaven – it is -3C right now!  I know, I know – this doesn’t suit everyone and I am sorry for it.  But it does rather suit me (and my garden).  January is meant to be cold – our warm December was unseasonable and rather strange.  Plus, as I don’t actually get to choose the weather, I don’t think there is any need to feel guilt at my pleasure.

I was rather prompted to order snow boots for the children by the Spike.  Whenever Esther Walker recommends something, it tends to sell out which, in this case, would be a disaster because we are going skiing next month and I think Muddy Puddles do the best kids’ snow boots.  They’re really sturdy, easy to get on and not expensive (compared with other snow boots I’ve seen).

The boys' boots
The boy’s boots
The girls' boots
The girl’s boots

As I was buying them a whole month early, I bought them a size bigger than they are currently wearing.  The velcro fastenings and zip mean that they won’t fall off in the way that wellies do and the kids don’t seem to mind that the shoe bit of their boots is a bit big.  Better that than too small.

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