Pig’s leg

My son looked a bit taken aback when he learnt that ham comes from a pig’s leg but also relieved when he found out that the pig is dead when the butcher cuts the leg off.  I haven’t explained abattoirs to him just yet so I think he has assumed that the pigs die of natural causes.

I hope this is done by Easter
I hope this is done by Easter

We really love the pig leg that we get at Christmas but it does tend to last a bit longer than the Christmas period.  It’s actually quite a skilled job cutting the ham off – you need a long knife for the main meat and then a small one for cutting around the bone.  Your knives have to be VERY SHARP or they will be entirely useless.  I have had a go at doing the cutting but really am not very good at it.

5 thoughts on “Pig’s leg

  1. having gone vegetarian last january, i can fully understand and appreciate your son’s pause. grew up in kansas where we were taught hunting small birds and deer in season was the same as ‘harvesting’ and thinning out crops. it was necessary and beneficial. it was neither, and neither is it necessary and beneficial for life and health. either ours or the animal who’s precious gift of life is snuffed out prior to ‘dying of natural causes’
    please, for your family’s health, for the animals, for the environment that animal agriculture destroys… consider going vegan or at least vegetarian. -KIA


  2. I first learned this when I was about his age. My dad was dressing a chicken in the kitchen when I walked in…
    I was more stumped than shocked. I didn’t know what to think. *shrug*


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