Stupid questions about blogging

Now that the deadline for submitting applications to primary schools has passed (it was due yesterday), I have some random questions about blogging (more specifically, blogging on WordPress).

  1. Apparently I have used up 76% of the space available to me.  Is this because I post pictures (I like pictures)?
  2. If I upgrade my blog, can I have more space?
  3. Is there a way to upgrade and still keep the theme (it’s called Penscratch and I like it)?

I will think of more questions soon, I am sure.  Sorry, it’s a bit of a dull post.

2 thoughts on “Stupid questions about blogging

  1. Yes…. You get more when you upgrade.

    WordPress has changed a few things of late… They used to allow external image hosting… That has gone now. To do that from the creator you have to know how to do HTML and add in links yourself. Bloody annoying. I used to have all my images on Flickr but now I can’t.
    If it’s images that are the issue then consider making them smaller BEFORE you upload them. Don’t change them in your post, that won’t affect your media storage.

    Yes you can keep any of the free themes… If you have paid for a premium theme you can keep that too (AFAIK)

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