Great telly

I am so happy, happy, happy – my laptop is now fixed and I can get on with things.  I know that this is the sort of thing that people write FirstWorldProblems about but I live in the first world.  I need my laptop – not just for blogging but for stuff like paying for parking permits, applying for primary schools and paying nursery fees.  Having to do it on my phone or on my ancient laptop (which freezes and switches itself off at random) makes my life that little bit harder.

Now that we’re in January and Twelfth Night is properly behind us, people are staying in a lot more.  Which means that the telly is fantastic.  I’m really enjoying War and Peace and Dickensian – both rather plug the gap left by Christmas telly without actually being Christmassy (if you know hat I mean).  If you want to see either, can I suggest that you do it soon? They won’t stay on iPlayer forever.

If you get a chance, I also really loved The Man in the High Castle – which was fantastic but I think you may have to have Amazon Prime to watch it for free.

One thought on “Great telly

  1. Never been much of a TV person since I was about 20. The minion came along and it was all kids TV. I don’t think I have turned the TV on for myself in 20 years other than the odd documentary or Doctor Who. *shrug*
    Books, computers and the garden. B-)


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