Taking in other people’s parcels

I love my neighbours (LOVE THEM) and am always happy to take in their parcels (and am super grateful when they take them in for me).  However, there’s a dude a few doors down who we have a few parcels for who just plain hasn’t been in. And it’s been about a week.  Perhaps he is skiing.


I hope he comes for them soon.

Other news – my laptop has been fixed and is waiting for me to collect it.  So I’ll start doing a better job on the blogging.

4 thoughts on “Taking in other people’s parcels

  1. I have some neighbours who I don’t like (really don’t like) and they don’t like me. Yet the took a parcel in for me, but made no effort to bring it to me. I knew they had it as a card had been left, but I’d rather they refused than try to withhold my parcel in some kind of power ransom until someone cracked 😀

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  2. Glad the laptop is alive… And I hope it didn’t cost too much!

    We have one great neighbour and a bunch of horror stories. Thankfully all the posties around here NEVER leave parcels with other people. Ok… The main reason is that they don’t bring anything that won’t fit through the letterbox… But that is another gripe for another day! B-)


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