Gymnastics for preschoolers

A little while back, I had a whine and a moan about Camden council bringing in a new system for booking spaces on the preschool gymnastics classes at the Talacre (basically to stop people like me queueing all night, which makes them look bad).  I had a bit of a panic over Christmas – there was some hold up which delayed the emails going out to tell everyone that we could book and then when the email came in, it went to my junk email folder so I missed the deadline.  However, this must have happened to everyone else as I still managed to book the class.

Yesterday was the first class and, thankfully, my son was on the list.  Loads of other kids in the queue weren’t which led to a lot of panicked parents / nannies.  One bunch of kids had actually been booked on the class afterwards by mistake (I overheard the nanny telling the kids).  When we left, the nanny was outside, having a cigarette and looking SO FED UP.

My son enjoys the classes (he’s now one of the older kids and gets to demonstrate how to do things) but he also really enjoys the train there and back.  I like watching the classes (parents watch from a platform above the gym, which may or may not unnerve the teachers) but mostly I live in fear of my children missing out on something good.  I know that makes me ghastly and neurotic, like much of north London.

The train to Kentish Town West
The train to Kentish Town West


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