Fallout Shelter

Over New Year, my friend G introduced me to a game on the iPhone called Fallout Shelter.  This, apparently, is a spin-off from a game called Fallout on the PS4 (which I don’t have).  Basically, it is set in a post apocalyptic world where you have to build a vault, fill it with dwellers and keep them alive.  Think of it as a sort of dollhouse.  With raiders and radioactive cockroaches.

If you are like me (and have a tendency to get really, really addicted to this sort of thing), AVOID.  Otherwise, go right ahead.  It is free and I haven’t felt any need to buy anything on it (although G said he started off his game with a cheeky fiver).

One thought on “Fallout Shelter

  1. My daughter is playing this…
    But she has now got to the point where, like when she plays The Sims now, she takes the time and patience to see how many imaginative ways she can find to kill all of her inhabitants in interesting ways.

    I’m a little worried for her. B-D

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