Yep, my laptop really IS buggered

After we got back on Sunday night, I tried my laptop again (the one my daughter threw milk over).  Unfortunately, it still wouldn’t turn on but fortunately, the Apple store in Stratford had a slot for the very next day – a single shining slot in an otherwise completely booked up week.  So I took it along yesterday and the kind man who works there confirmed that, yes, it won’t turn on and he had no idea what is wrong with it.  They are going to keep the laptop and let me know what needs to happen within 48 hours.

Stratford Apple store
Stratford Apple store

The Apple store is an interesting place – it is completely rammed with helpful young people in Apple tops and is a big, open space.  My husband once made the point that their shops almost certainly can’t turn a profit but perhaps they are there for the brand, rather than to be profitable.

It has been backed up a few times onto TimeMachine so I really, really hope I haven’t lost any photos.  The nicest ones are all on Facebook / Truprint so I won’t stress about it until I know for sure.  Ugh.

3 thoughts on “Yep, my laptop really IS buggered

  1. It’s possible that, while the laptop is knackered, the hard drive may be recoverable.

    If they tell you the laptop is dead ask them if you can have the hard drive or if they have a recovery service if you are not sure how to access it yourself.

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      1. Ah… You should be fine then. They will just replace the motherboard and plug your existing HD back onto that. No problems.

        You should still have all your data.


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