Putting away the Christmas decorations

So yesterday, we started putting away the Christmas decorations.  The greenery I’d decorated the house with went in my compost bin and we took the decorations and lights off the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree decorations
Christmas tree decorations

My son said “Poor Christmas tree; it will be lonely” so I told him that the Christmas tree was happy because it had fulfilled its Christmas destiny (which I think I pinched off Friends but it did the job).  I hope he doesn’t find it too upsetting when we cut the tree up later on today.

I must take down the cards.

4 thoughts on “Putting away the Christmas decorations

  1. If you are composting the tree (It was a real one, yes?) then (s)he is paying their life force forward to a new generation of plants and trees.

    I’m so glad I never had to do this with my minion! B-)

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