Dormant garden

Although a lot of stuff has started flowering really early, quite a lot of my garden is dormant.  I used to have a load of heuchera on a bank at the side of the garden but most didn’t survive the summer.  I’ve put in a load of heather which I hope will look great once it’s Spring.

My bank - we put the sleepers in after a tree fell down a couple of years ago
My bank – we put the sleepers in after a tree fell down a couple of years ago

My rose garden also isn’t doing very much (which is as it should be).  I’m think of sowing the seeds for the Love in the Mist and poached egg plants there in February.  I hope that the salvia, in particular, perks up next Spring.  It looks really sorry for itself and was fantastic for bees last summer.

Rose garden in December
Rose garden in December

3 thoughts on “Dormant garden

  1. I love that pump! Would love to fill my garden with little quirky bits like that, but unfortunately anything “reclaimed” for the garden has gone up ten fold in price over the last 5 years due to its’ popularity.


  2. Thanks! I’ll post some photos of it in summer – then it really does look awesome.

    When the house was built, a giant water tank was put under the driveway (it was built before houses in the Isle of Wight all had mains water I think). The people before us moved the pump up to the rose garden (it was a herb garden then) so it doesn’t work. We still use the giant water tank though – in the summer, the lawn sprinklers run off that (I’m not convinced it is safe to drink from but it should be fine for grass).


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