Things that have died and things that may revive in the Spring

I think all my euphorbia has died.  My husband will be happy about this – he thinks it’s a messy plant that takes over; I do see his point but I rather like it all the same.  When it gets to Spring, I’ll have a think about what to put in its place – perhaps some sea holly?

Euphorbia - this was GLORIOUS in summer
Euphorbia – this was GLORIOUS in summer

Looking round the garden, I also think my Dutch Honeysuckle has died.  I bought this because it’s meant to be more shade tolerant but I think that it’s probably too damp a spot for it.  It’s now a load of wood with about three leaves on.

Dutch Honeysuckle - it's dead, no?
Dutch Honeysuckle – it’s dead, no?

If my honeysuckle is dead, what should I plant instead?

My lavender looks as though it may be suffering but is not dead – at least not yet.  It could really do with some time with no rain.  I know that sounds spoiled – I’m sure quite a lot of the north of England could do with no more rain.


3 thoughts on “Things that have died and things that may revive in the Spring

  1. Yeah… You can have our rain if you want. We seem to have over-ordered. Probably to save on the shipping. >.>

    The honeysuckle may come back from the ground, but if you want… How about a Clematis. Maybe a Virginia Creeper (Awesome autumn colour!)?

    If you do get some Eryngium (Sea holly) make sure you get the perennial… Unless you want a one shot annual.

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    1. Yes, I got the annual last year without realising. So this year I’ll get the blue perennial.

      So, do you recommend that I cut the honeysuckle right back? Or leave it until February?

      A Virginia creeper could be very pretty.


      1. I would leave the huneysuckle until you can see if its actually dead or not.
        Maybe cut a piece of wood and look in the centre of it to see if the core is still good or not.
        Don’t pick an end as they often die anyway. Pick a cross branch that seems to crowd the middle if you can.

        Virginia creepers can have AWESOME vibrant colouring.

        That was a pic I took this year while at work!

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