Giant hole in my lawn

We had some building work done a while ago.  I won’t bore you with it but in the last few weeks, we’ve had a plumber in to do a bit more work.  This is the result.

My children WILL fall in this
My children WILL fall in this

I can see that this probably fixes the problem that was there (something to do with venting, I think).  However, it has created a new one – a giant hole in my lawn.

4 thoughts on “Giant hole in my lawn

  1. Feels strange ‘Liking’ this…

    Why do you need vents… Why do they have to be in that position? I get that gasses build up in the sewer (If that is a sewer?) but could they not put a 90o turn on that pipe and feed it up to a vertical vent and back filling that hole?

    You can get super awesome ones… Like this!

    I would go back to the people that fitted it and ask for another roll of the dice. That is a joke.

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      1. I’d ask for my money back… They didn’t even seal between the stone (brick/concrete?) and the pipe. That is just asking for rats to get in.
        Not only that but the hole is FAR too big for the job.

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