It’s Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day!  I know this is a holiday that only really exists in UK and its former colonies but the extra day off work is usually much appreciated.  This year the bank holiday falls on 28 December as Boxing Day falls on a weekend.  Boxing Day is the day that shops traditionally start their sales – some people start queueing outside shops from midnight on Christmas Day but I find this quite weird.

This year, the children gave our fantastic nanny L a silver cagoule, which I’d been looking for for ages – I ended up asking Mumsnet where to get such a thing and the kind ladies in Style and Beauty gave me some recommendations.

Really, it's the only type of raincoat L is likely to wear
Really, it’s the only type of raincoat L is likely to wear

L was super kind and gave my children some lovely presents, which they were thrilled with.  Here’s a picture of my daughter’s new silver shoes, which I think she will never take off again.

Silver shoes!
Silver shoes!

3 thoughts on “It’s Boxing Day!

  1. Boxing Day is a big deal in the UK. Here in the States, not so much. I asked a British ex once and he said that if I fantasize about putting the gloves on and going 12 rounds with my mother (a boxing match) on December 26th, that no, that doesn’t qualify as celebrating boxing day. He then asked why we Italian-American women are so violent.

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