Icing the Christmas cake – it’s finally done

So yesterday afternoon, I FINALLY got around to icing the Christmas cake.  In the end it was a bit of a faff but not as bad as I’d expected.  To get the icing to stay on, you need to brush the marzipan with cooled boiled water.

I bought the icing
I bought the icing

Basically, it’s the same as putting on marzipan – roll it out (this time I used greaseproof paper), get it to broadly the right size for the cake and bung it on, smoothing any cracks.

I used the bottom of my cake tin to estimate the size – unfortunately, this left an enormous “Analon” logo right in the middle of the iced cake.  So, as I had some left over icing, I cut out a bunch of stars and circles and decorated the cake with them (plus some silver balls I had) – this actually seems to have disguised all the fuck ups quite well.

Here it is!
Here it is!

Now, my children are also going to put on the decorations we bought the other day.  However, as these are horrid, tasteless, plastic things I’m not going to put a picture of it with the decorations on.  Just imagine that it is going to stay beautiful and tasteful forever.  Until we eat it.

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