Getting the shopping in for Christmas

So this evening, the kind man from Waitrose delivered crates and crates of groceries for Christmas.  The fridges in the garage are now being used (tomorrow my husband will go to the butcher so they will get used a load more).  My pantry is totally rammed and I still keep thinking of things we need – mainly stuff for people staying, like handwash.  Oh and I need more porridge oats.  I’ll wander along to the corner shop to get them tomorrow – I can’t really face the supermarket.

My pantry
My pantry

Speaking of shopping, did you hear about all those poor souls trapped in their cars at Bluewater?  I’d have been spitting.

2 thoughts on “Getting the shopping in for Christmas

  1. Holy crap… No… Just no…
    How could it be so poorly planned/constructed that the escape system could cause a backlog like that?
    Pfft… This is why we do shopping at 6 or 7am on a Saturday. No crowds… Ever.

    BTW… You got enough stock pots? O.o B-)

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