Christmas Cake – marzipan

I don’t like marzipan but I understand it’s a necessary thing to let you ice Christmas cakes.  As my cake is square, I bought blocks of it rather than prerolled stuff (as that is all circular).

Here it is
Here it is

Now, the instructions said that I just needed to put icing sugar on the surface on which I’m rolling it out and on the rolling pin.  However, my husband rather scoffed and said I really needed to use grease proof paper – and to be honest, he was right.  In the end, we got the marzipan on the cake.

First, I put warmed apricot jam on the cake then we put the marzipan on top.

It's a bit lumpy
It’s a bit lumpy

i have to leave it for at least 24 hours before I can ice it.

We had some marzipan left over so we made marzipan stars using my star cutter.

My son liked this job
My son liked this job
Marzipan stars
Marzipan stars

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