Our tree is now up

So, our tree is now up.  It’s a bit of a big beast but my husband and kids seem to have got it up okay.

Our tree so far
Our tree so far

Separately, we have lost (LOST!!!) three crucial presents.  They are the ones that I cleverly ordered at the end of November, wrapped and sent down to the IoW with my husband in early December (so we wouldn’t have to bring everything down at once).  Now, we can’t bloody find them.  We’ve looked and looked.  So I’ve ordered them again (and one comes from an Amazon approved seller so God knows whether it will arrive for Christmas).  It does rather stick in the throat though, particularly as the ones I’d already bought will almost certainly turn up at a completely useless time.

Sorry, I just wanted a moan.

5 thoughts on “Our tree is now up

  1. You got the tree up. Far as I’m concerned, that’s half the battle. Or at least putting up the tree is a battle in this house…tree weighs a ton, there’s branches on the bottom of it that we have to cut off ourselves to make it stand straight up in the stand, my father refuses to lift the tree or get down on the floor and screw it into the stand. My mother refuses to lift anything (she only supervises), my sister says “i don’t even live here anymore”, we can’t ask the guy next door (and his three teenage sons) to help us because my mother will have a stroke if people are in her house. I came so close to shoving the tree up her ass. You might say “that’s disgusting”, but the Christmas fights are part of the tradition around here.

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