University College London Hospital

I’m writing this on my iPhone since my daughter threw her milk all over my laptop.  The laptop appears to be rather buggered – it won’t turn on.  I’m hoping that it will dry out and start working again – if not I’ll have to get it looked at.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is that this means I won’t be able to do links (well, I can but it’s such a faff, I won’t).

Today, my dear friend N had her second baby (N is also the mum of a friend of my son’s – it’s like that with kids sometimes).  So I went to see her in hospital.

This is where babies come from
This is where babies come from

I took N some cookies I’d baked plus some delicious cakes from Ottolenghi.


Her new baby is a dear little person and I was pleased to see him.  On the way home, I saw this amazing Christmas tree.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

5 thoughts on “University College London Hospital

      1. Not a hijack (Unless you name actually *is* Jack?)… And not bothered even if it was!
        Only getting one set of pressies sucks… And not getting the kind of attention others do on their birthday, also sucks.

        It’s even worse when your dads birthday is the day before yours! *sigh*

        This would be the reason I don’t celebrate mine any more. I kinda gave up. *shrug*

        But this is getting melancholy…
        BABY CHEERS!!!!
        Who got to change the first nappy? Because that’s not a point of horror anybody warns you about! B-D
        (I got to do the minions)


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