There is a Tiger near me.  I never usually go in but the other day my husband suggested that it might be a good place for Father Christmas to find things to go in children’s stockings.  So I went to check it out.


I always want to call this Tiger Tiger but that is actually a bar near Piccadilly (and in Croydon) that does jugs of multicoloured cocktails.  A friend of mine used to have some sort of special membership to get into the VIP room of the Croydon one but I have no idea whether that is still a thing.

Anyway, Tiger has some rather nifty things and is not expensive.  It isn’t quite at the point of being a pound shop but quite a lot of things are £2 each.  I did notice a gingerbread house making kit which is a bit of bugger because I’ve already ordered one on Amazon (more about this another time).

A bit of warning though – it is almost always completely rammed and once you are in, you have to keep going through the display until you can get out the shop (rather like Ikea).  If you hate shopping (which I do, at least in person), this will bug you.

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