Dog shit

Yesterday was a wet day (but it wasn’t pouring).  I went round to a friend’s for a coffee and on the way back I noticed that the entire pavement was smeared with dog shit – clearly people have trod in it by accident.  Now, I love dogs.  LOVE THEM.  But I wish all the owners picked up after them.

Hmm - you can't see any here but seriously, this whole pavement is covered in dog shit
Hmm – you can’t see any here but seriously, this whole pavement is covered in dog shit

At one point, some dude clearly noticed that I was doing a peculiar weave / dance over the pavement in order to avoid it so I stopped to tell him that there was a load of dog shit all over the pavement.  Then it was clear that he hadn’t been paying attention to me whatsoever and I was therefore a madwoman who walks up to random strangers to tell them about dog shit.  I hope I don’t meet him again.

One thought on “Dog shit

  1. When I was at work dog did not get called ‘dogs’ but rather got a new name…. ‘Shit Machines’.
    Seriously (Oh , god. I nearly typed ‘Cereal’ there… Thank you Minion. >.>). Our biggest problem at work when cutting grass was dog crap. In some places it was everywhere.

    I think I’ve mentioned on my blog about the time at work where the Health and Safety people said we need to mow around dog crap, or if its bad simply not cut that patch of grass. Well, We actually missed almost an entire estate for 3 weeks because it was THAT bad there. Then everyone complained and the council sent out letters to the whole estate explaining why they did it.

    The next time we went back someone had gone round and cleared a lot up. (Probably someone from the cleansing department), so we cut it.

    Yeah… So… Dog owners… *shrug*
    I hate dogs BTW… Just so you know. B-)

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