More sodding mice

We have mice again (I assume that we’ve always had mice but they are now getting bolder).  One ran over my foot the other day – Ugh.


We haven’t succeeded in catching any mice yet.  We’ve set traps but so far this just means I need to be in the kitchen before the children so I can set them off.  One result of the mice getting bolder is that I keep seeing them scurrying in the corner of my eye – even when they aren’t really there.

4 thoughts on “More sodding mice

  1. Are you sure it’s mice?

    We had them a few years ago when we first moved here to Yorkshire.

    It’s probably only in for the food. So clear it all away and it will find somewhere better.
    I believe washing down the kitchen surfaces with vinegar will also deter them as they don’t like the smell.
    Once you stop feeding them and life becomes a pain they will leave.

    Or you can put poison down… But be prepared to find a corpse. B-(

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      1. Yup. I know that one. Mice spread FAST!

        I know what you mean about poison… I didn’t want to put rat poison down in the garden when we found them. I just did a clear up and made it ‘a pain’ for them to come into the garden and I removed the reason for them coming into the garden…
        I felt that was a better way to deal with it.

        The other issue is that even if YOUR house/garden is clean and all that, if next door is messy they will live there and scout yours anyway.
        You may need to find out where they are getting in/living.

        One real thing to check is to see if your house is a Semi, is if your lofts connect… If yours is like ours then it will have a bloody great hole you can walk through. Many older houses are like this!

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