Getting the overground home

One of the exciting things about taking kids to things is the journey there and back. We got a taxi to the theatre and the overground back.  This was very exciting (if slightly nerve wracking – there’s no responsibility quite like looking after someone else’s child).  The boys liked it a lot and still had their snack boxes by the time we got out at our stop.

The Overground - it is a place of wonder
The Overground – it is a place of wonder

When I got home, my Mum said that she and my daughter had had a lovely, if repetitive, time.  Apparently my daughter really likes a game where my mum waves a balloon round in circles and my daughter tries to dodge it, then hugs her when she gets hit with the balloon.  So much that they did it about 47 times.

One thought on “Getting the overground home

  1. I remember those days with my minion. It’s amazing how quickly it stops being fun… Usually after 5 minutes. Guiding kids away to go do something you find less soul destroying is a bit of an art… One that I never fully got, which is a shame. B-)

    Glad you had fun!

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