Now, Twitter is a funny place.  I do publish my blog posts on Twitter and use it for various things.  The trick with Twitter is to decide what you actually want to use it for – I follow a bunch of different people including old colleagues, the Bank of England, Jon Snow, Caitlin Moran and my brother.  I’m sure that my Twitter feed wouldn’t interest everyone but it interests me.

Another trick with Twitter is to keep it nice.  Like the real world, there are lots of freaks and monsters who are more than happy to have a brutal fight over very little (a bit like Mumsnet to be honest).  Quite a lot of the time, I use Twitter to tell authors when I have particularly enjoyed their book or a venue when I have really enjoyed an event there.  It seems a relatively nonintrusive way to contact people who, otherwise, might be freaked out by someone approaching them.

However, I’ve noticed that I have a new follower.  Now, all my followers are welcome but I am a bit surprised by the people who choose to follow me sometimes.  The ramblings of a fat, north London housewife who likes to moan about the weather and post pictures of her garden may be of interest to some.  I would be quite surprised if “Sluts 4 U”, my new follower, is terribly interested in this sort of thing though.  Perhaps they are branching out.

2 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

    Yup… Just wait till you are followed by the ‘Minions’ twitter feed once a month, every month, because you trip their sifting algorithm.

    And I find it easier to have two twitter feeds… One for your blog and one for you personally.
    My gardening one is for, well, Gardening… and my personal one is for talking with my friends and arguing with people on the internet. Which I do a lot because I can’t walk away from stupid without opening my trap. Which many people have said also makes me the stupid.

    Unfortunately I cannot argue with that logic! B-)

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