Seeds for next year

Crocus are having a sale.  I rather resent paying the delivery charge (£5 PLUS a £10 surcharge for IoW delivery – although, really, this is not unreasonable) unless I am getting loads of plants.  However, I think it is only £1 for seeds.

I was rather inspired by looking through my photos of bees on the Love In The Mist and poached egg plants from last summer so I think I may get seeds for those again.  They won’t go in the same spot – perhaps they could go in the wildflower meadow?

Anyway, the sale (20% off) lasts until midnight tonight.

Bees enjoying Love In The Mist and poached egg plant
Bees enjoying Love In The Mist and poached egg plant

8 thoughts on “Seeds for next year

    1. They really are lovely – particularly as Love in the Mist comes in loads of different colours – but they looked TERRIBLE before and after flowering. The plants themselves aren’t all that pretty, which is why I’m going to put them somewhere less central.

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      1. I am growing “Miss Jekyll” this year, a slightly lighter purple which looks fabulous against deep yellows. I have always found that if I am vigilant with my dead-heading, the plants do flower for a significantly longer period

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  1. For next year, I’ve ordered Miss Jekyll, Oxford Blue, Delft Blue, Albion Green Pod and poached egg. I’m considering germinating them in my cold frame (basically because I now have one) as last year I had to do tonnes of thinning out of the plants, which does seem rather a waste.


  2. Never been one for Love in the mist (Nigella). My mum bought me a couple of plants when we first moved here but I didn’t take to them… Too much of a ‘messy’ plant.
    I do like Limnanthes though. Nostell Priory is near us and it has LOADS of it. Last year is was heaving with Bees.

    BTW… Have you not thought of having your seeds sent to a friend in London and pick them up the next time you are local?

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    1. I’ve never heard of limnanthes – will have a look on Google.

      The delivery charge for seeds is £1 no matter where you are so having them delivered to the IoW is no trouble. I have had plants delivered to London and driven them down in the past (mainly heucheras).

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