Today is my son’s nativity.  I am going mad from lack of sleep – he woke me up at 5:45am and, by shouting, woke my daughter up too.  He is someone who will go back to bed / sleep but she isn’t.  Ugh.  So far, I have resisted doing any really hardcore shouting at the children…we’ll see if that resolve lasts.

So far, my son is dressed in his new, plain blue top and trousers.  My daughter has resisted getting dressed.

Clearly, I’m not going to put any photos of the nativity itself on here because (1) I don’t put photos of the children on here and (2) I signed something to say that any photos I do take are “for family use only”.  I think this is something the council get nurseries get parents to sign.

Instead, have a couple of pictures of Christmas trees.   Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

Christmas tree!
Christmas tree!
More Christmas tree
More Christmas tree

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