Yet more bloody weeding

Yesterday, one of my jobs was to weed this flower bed.

Didn't I only just do this one?
Didn’t I only just do this one?

It wasn’t a hideous job – I was going to just spray the weeds with my evil weedkiller – but this bed has a box hedge at one side and my husband would be upset if I killed it.  So I ended up just pulling the weeds up again.  It ended up being rather satisfying – as there was a lot of compost in the bed, the weeds were easy enough to pull up.  There were just a lot of them.

After weeding
After weeding

I hope that the lavender, catmint and bugle grow quickly enough to crowd out the weeds soon.  I would just have left the weeds there but the lavender, in particular, really needs sunlight and, as it is a fancy type I bought specially, I really don’t want it to die.  At least the violas have grown quite a bit.

6 thoughts on “Yet more bloody weeding

  1. Cleavers are goosegrass, aren’t they? We had that in the summer, sodding everywhere but they seem to have been overtaken by the heliotrope for now. Yes, that really is a total nuisance, especially when it clings to plants you actually like.

    I don’t think we get bittercress – are you in north America?


  2. Well, I think that is my issue generally. We had some work down to the house and garden and I think the builders used soil from elsewhere in the garden / another building site and as a result it is incredibly weedy. Some of the weeds are pretty, of course. At some point I’ll put up some pictures of my wildflower meadow in summer.


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