Duke’s Brew & Que

So, for dinner, we went to Duke’s Brew & Que.  B and M had been before but we hadn’t.  They get really busy so you need to book an early table (ours was booked for 6:30pm).  It’s in a funny spot – on the way there, I couldn’t imagine that we were going to a restaurant but actually it is only a little way off the main bit.


They have a lot of different beers – my husband said he was going to start at the left and work his way to the right but didn’t (thankfully).

The bar
The bar

The bar / restaurant itself is lovely – it reminded me a bit of the sort of American bars you see on the telly.  They even had a Christmas tree up.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree!

Now, one thing that B and M told us was that the portion sizes are HUGE.  I hadn’t really understood until my food came.  While we were deciding what to order, we had some wings – they come in hot, hotter and nuclear (we had hot but to be honest they were still a bit too hot for me.  B said that they were at the edge of his comfort level).

Wings in Bastardo (hot)
Duke's Greatest Hits
Duke’s Greatest Hits
Three pork ribs
Three pork ribs

In the end, I ordered three pork ribs but could only eat two.  They gave me a doggy bag to take the third home – I might have it tonight as my husband is out.

My doggy bag
My doggy bag

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