Be koselig

Today, there was a marvellous article in the Times about how Norwegians “do” winter – it’s all about wearing comfortable, warm clothes, staying at home with a roaring fire and some sofa blankets, watching awesome telly (actually, I do this quite often), eating stews and drinking mulled wine (I love mulled wine).

I think my socks and slipper probably count as koselig
I think my socks and slippers probably count as koselig

This all sounds fantastic to me and I love the clothes in the article but am rather horrified at the prices (and I really am profligate).  Here are the places the author referred to:

Dale of Norway

Fabel Norway

Oslo Sweater Shop

If you like, click on the links and then laugh at the prices.  I did.  In fact, the author got a few comments about this.

It has made me even more tempted to buy a down coat – even though I am sure it would be far too warm for the UK – even the people on Mumsnet say so.  And I can’t realistically buy something so expensive for myself before Christmas.

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