Clan pharmacy

Yesterday, I went for a coffee with my friend M at the Angel Deli.  I had a terrible hangover and M was going mad from lack of sleep.  She’s just had her third baby (now about seven weeks old) and all three of her boys have had this cold / virus that’s been going round.

After our coffees, we went to Clan Pharmacy on Upper Street to buy some stuff to try to help the seven week old feel a bit (and sleep a bit) better.

Clan pharmacy
Clan pharmacy

Clan Pharmacy is a great place – the sort of place that I didn’t even notice before I had kids but once I had them, they were superb.  They basically specialise in kids’ products and the guys who work there are good at giving you advice on your kids’ foul germs and diseases.  M bought LOADS of stuff – Snufflebabe and Olbas oil (which I’d told her to get), a humidifier and Mustela balm (which the guys told her to get) and some other stuff as well.

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