Kids’ hats

While I was in Igloo, I also checked out their kids’ hats.


It’s quite hard to find hats for my children that will do the job – they need to be close fitting enough that they will stay on, not so tight that they will complain (or refuse to wear them), ideally have a longer bit to cover the ears – but not so long that it flaps around them, making them irritable.  At the start of September, I ordered a couple from John Lewis which were lovely but too tight so they had to go back (both children appear to have inherited my bulbous head).

I ended up buying their hats from Boden – my son’s was the age 7 – 10 one which is a little large (he is 4) but the age 2 – 6 hat from last year was starting to cut off his circulation.  I had a discount code for both so I felt very virtuous.  I DID notice that in Igloo, they are selling a kid’s version of the beanie I bought a little while ago for about the same price – this makes me feel even more virtuous still.

My son's hat
My son’s hat
My daughter's hat and mittens
My daughter’s hat and mittens

A while ago, I also bought them some AWESOME sheepskin ones from BaaBaby (who also do fantastic buggy liners etc).  My son has pretty much always refused to wear his but my daughter likes hers when it gets really cold.  Anyway, I do recommend BaaBaby if you aren’t familiar with it – do you remember that really cold winter in 2012/13?  I had strangers coming up to say how much they liked the hats and buggy liner – I guess it makes people really happy to see a baby bundled up when it is cold.

Sheepskin hat
Sheepskin hat

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