Yesterday morning, I took my son for his haircut at Igloo.  This is a nice shop – it sells toys, kids’ clothes, kids’ shoes etc. and occasionally they have a hairdresser in (you do need to book though).  My son has been asking to have his hair cut for about a week or so – he says that his hair is itchy when it is too long.

He (unlike me) remembered that the hairdresser puts a DVD on for him to watch.  So he brought Jurassic Park 3 – I think she was a little nonplussed but put it on all the same.

While he was having his hair cut, I had a little nose around the shop.  They have a lot of glass Christmas tree decorations which, while pretty, are not terribly sensible in a childrens’ shop.

Christmas tree decoration
Christmas tree decorations – children just HAVE to touch them.  It drives me crackers
More decorations - I really like the wreaths
More decorations – I really like the wreaths

I also checked out a few of the coats but ran away in terror when I saw the prices – they had one by Miniature (who are Danish, and therefore extremely stylish) for about a hundred and twenty quid.  It was lovely – but, even though I am profligate, I can’t spend that on a kid’s coat.

It was a lovely haircut and my son looks so much smarter for it.

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