Queuing and waiting

Recently, Camden Council changed the way that you book your child’s next term’s gymnastics classes.  Until recently, you had to fill in the form that they gave you and bring it in to the Talacre, along with payment.  However, now you have to set up an online Camden Active Account so that they can get in touch by email to confirm that your child has a place.  It’s a bit of a nightmare – my son has a Better health and fitness card and is meant to get a reduction on the fees BUT the system won’t recognise his card number.  Today I went to Kentish Town West to talk to the guys at the Talacre and make sure that I had the right card number and the nice man wrote it down for me from the system.

I got home, filled in the information on the system – NOPE.  The system didn’t recognise the card number.  Ugh.  So I tried calling Camden council and got redirected to several bemused people in turn, who each assured me that they were definitely not the right person to speak to, until I got cut off.  Then I went to the pool at Highbury Fields to ask the man there to check that I had the number written down correctly – I did BUT apparently there is also another number linked to the account.  So I wrote this one down as well, came home and put it into the system.  NOPE.

Now, I am sure you wonder why on earth I am getting so wound up about this.  Basically, the reason is that, to get your child booked onto the gymnastics classes for the very first time, you need to turn up really, really early and pray that you get a spot.  I was told that I needed to be there at 9:30am so I got there at 9:20am, thinking that I would be early.  Ha!  I was the second to last to get a space and one lady who turned up after me had repeatedly turned up and not managed to get any place.  Supposedly, one of the Camden councillors once described parents who started queuing super early as “just showing off”.

So, I NEED to follow the process exactly because I just plain can’t face turning up at 3am if my son loses his current place.  I’ve entered all the information asked for, apart from the Better card number (which doesn’t work).  I’ve emailed the gym team to ask what I need to do but I don’t hold up much hope of them being the right people to ask.  Frankly, if it comes to it, I’ll just pay the cost without the discount.

After all this angst, I realised that part of the reason I was so wound up was I’d forgotten to eat lunch.  I popped into Euphorium and bought a Christmas Turkey Bloomer and felt so much better.  I know that none of this really counts as a real problem and that plenty of people have things much worse – particularly at the moment.

My sandwich
My sandwich AND a slice of Swiss roll

Caitlin Moran once said that sometimes you need a cup of tea and a biscuit and she was quite right.

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