Trip home

Okay, so this is my last post on Barcelona.  I had a brilliant time and feel SO MUCH BETTER for seeing E, her husband and dear little sons.  I feel as though I’ve topped up my vitamin D reserves (if you can store vitamin D – perhaps you can’t).  I TOTALLY recommend going to Barcelona in November – you won’t be cold in the slightest and the light is amazing.

The building are fantastic
The buildings are fantastic

My flight home was fine.  E told me that the shops at the airport were really good so I went and had a little looky look.  I did go into Burberry and admired the handbags but then the kind, helpful lady told me that the one I was looking at was 700 + Euros so I put it down again.  They did have some lovely beanies with furry pom poms that were not dissimilar from the Barts one I bought the other day – I knew that was a bargain.


When I got the train, I sat next to a woman who writes crime novels set in the arctic.  We had quite a long chat – she told me that polar bears will track you for a month once they get hold of your scent which I actually find rather sinister.  She’d just been to Shetland and was off to Orkney next week.  I asked her if she’s bought any amazing fair isle jumpers and she’d bought one for her partner because she could only fit one in her hand luggage.  Her name is M J McGrath – I think I’ll check her books out after I’ve finished Diary of a Provincial Lady, they sound like my sort of thing.

This morning, my children demanded that I make them pancakes.  Perhaps I’ll take my son to buy some shoes today.

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