New beanie

While we were in Covent Garden, we went to the Cotswold Outdoor shop so my husband could try on some walking boots (his were totally falling apart).  This took quite a long time so I had a nose at the Lonely Planet guidebooks but after a while browsing the books on the Scottish Highlands and Islands and Devon and Cornwall, I nipped upstairs and found the beanie section.


As you know, I am quite keen on beanies and have a bit of a collection going.  Today, I found this:

£35, Bart
£35, Barts

It is a really super beige (which doesn’t usually suit me but this was lovely) and has a furry pom pom.  It looks great with my pink Landsend coat.  I must admit that my husband was a bit taken aback when he saw the price but he didn’t say anything after I asked how much his boots were.

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