The Bank of England and my walk home

After the dentist, I had to do a few errands in the City (including returning that grey sweater I posted about yesterday).  One of the places I walked past was the Bank of England.  I used to think the Royal Exchange was the Bank of England but actually it is just a really posh shopping mall.

Royal Exchange (it's a shopping mall)
Royal Exchange (it’s a shopping mall)
Bank of England
Bank of England

After returning the sweater, I walked home via the Royal Mail sorting office, which is no longer on the super convenient (for me) Almeida Street but is now on the Eagle Wharf Road.  In fact, I quite enjoyed the walk and it was super for my step count (got in well over 20,000 steps in total by bedtime).  On the way, I got to see some things I hadn’t seen before.  One was this pointy building, which is new:

The building gives me the creeps
The building gives me the creeps

I don’t know exactly why, but the building makes my skin crawl.  I think it might be something to do with the slant of the windows being such that, from the main road, you can’t see where the edge of the building is.  I’m sure it’s very clever but I REALLY don’t like it.  I checked out the site next door, which is going to be another swanky apartment block.  It’s so funny, I remember when that spot was really rather down at heel.

Eagle Wharf Road is that bit of Islington which is right on the border of Hackney and I don’t go there very often (although I will now that I have to go there to pick parcels up).  There is a nice footpath across the canal, which I didn’t go along today but perhaps will next time.

Bridge across the canal
Bridge across the canal

One thing I noticed walking home (carrying my parcel) was how warm it still is.  I know that I have whinged about this in quite a few places but it really isn’t good for plants and wildlife – having June temperatures in November confuses them.

Roses are blooming again
Roses are blooming again

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