Islington in the rain

Yesterday, I popped out to a few shops to buy a few things.  It was raining but I never mind that – I do wish that it would cool down though.  Supposedly, this is one of the warmest Novembers recorded in the UK and it doesn’t feel very seasonal.  Seriously, when it isn’t raining, it is comfortable in just a t shirt (feels wrong).

The rain has washed quite a few of the leaves on the trees onto the ground and it is looking pretty, in a grey, soggy sort of way.

This is pretty
This is pretty
Like this
And this
St Mary's, Upper Street
St Mary’s, Upper Street
It's so warm, the roses have bloomed again
It’s so warm, the roses have bloomed again

One of the places I passed by was Aria, which is a reasonably expensive design shop (good for cards though) and sometimes does events (none of which I have been to, if I’m honest).


One thing did catch my eye the other day though – they do a Christmas wreath workshop, where they teach you how to make your own Christmas wreath and feed you Prosecco while you do it.  I like the idea but am not very handy at this sort of thing really.  Perhaps I’ll have a go at it this year based on some advice on the internet and then, when it is terrible, sign up for the class next year.

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