Gudrun Sjoden

Yesterday, I went to Gudrun Sjoden‘s actual shop, which is in Covent Garden and is actually very nice.  I turned up in a mildly bad temper as I’d rung them earlier to see whether I could just turn up and get a refund (no, they only do exchanges or credit notes if you do that) and was still a bit baffled by their irritating online returns policy.

Gudrun Sjoden
Gudrun Sjoden

HOWEVER, going into the shop itself was a far better experience.  The stock doesn’t look all that awesome on the hanger – a bit Brighton pottery teacher, a look that I do try to avoid (have you ever seen Mama Do The Hump by the Rizzle Kicks?  The mums on there look like nearly all mums in Brighton.  Apart from my own.  Obviously).  Actually, I will be surprised if they don’t open in Brighton, they would do very well there.

It's a lovely shop and reminds me of Brighton
It’s a lovely shop and reminds me of Brighton

One thing I loved was that the women who work there are helpful.  I had a giant bag with me and the woman helping me put it behind the till out the way and then found me a changing room.  After I tried on a few things, I explained to her my problem – I needed to exchange what I’d bought online but have a big tummy so stuff that clings to it doesn’t look so hot.  At this she went off and brought back a load of stuff.  One thing she brought me I’d avoided because it had a hem that was longer at the sides – looks weird on the hanger, but looked terrific on.  Another shopper told me how great I looked in it; people never do that any more.

This was lovely on
This was lovely on

I’d already found something I really liked so I exchanged the stuff I’d ordered for these two dress / tunics.

I'd found this on my own
I’d found this on my own

It is not a cheap shop but I love that they are colourful and stock lots of sizes.  I’d recommend going to the shop, if you can, and steering clear of buying online.  Wearing an entire outfit bought from there, with a load of beads, will make you look like a hippy but that is a nice look.

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