Boozing in Hoxton

Last night, after going to see the fireworks, our babysitter came round and we went to Hoxton to meet our friend B.  We first went to Brewdog, which was full but we found an AWESOME table.


They have a beer there that is 8.5% – drink three of those and I wouldn’t be able to find the door.

Afterwards, we went to the Red Dog Saloon – the lady on the door said she’d try to get us a table earlier and she did.  We had wings to start and then shared the carnivore platter plus a bunch of sides.  I ordered collard greens which I’d never had before but which are something people eat in the southern US (I think) – anyway, they were very nice.  We also really liked the brisket.

Red Dog Saloon
Red Dog Saloon

We didn’t need pudding after all that so we went to Zigfrid‘s, which is another place I’d never been to before.


It had a female DJ on a podium and was a bit more nightclubby than most of the places we go to but, as B said, it’s not really possible to feel fashionable or unfashionable now that people just wear whatever.  My husband was very interested in the beer storage tanks, which are on show – I’d thought they were just for decoration but he thought that they might just be connected to the bar pumps.  Some other people came over to have a look at them too so perhaps that is a “thing” there.

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