Sorting out photos

Yesterday I had a nice, productive time sorting out some photos that I’d been meaning to put in an album and in a frame.  I bought both at Paperchase – they sell the self adhesive albums that I like.

Album is from Paperchase
Album is from Paperchase

Nearly all my photos are stored online but I like to have a few in an album.  I put a copy of all our Christmas cards, birthday party invitations and thank you cards (because I use pictures of the children in the designs) in there as well as any “important” photos.  My brother sent me some copies of the wedding photos so those will definitely go in when the prints arrive.

I also have a family photoshoot once a year, in late Spring or early Summer, so that we can have some nice photos of all of us together.  As I am (usually) the photographer, I tend not to be in photos of the children.  This can be a shame or a relief, depending on how I am looking.

The photographer we use is Dyan Nissen – I used to work with her back in the day but now she works as a photographer specialising in family portraits.  This year, we had our photo session in Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, which was absolutely exquisite.  Perhaps next year we’ll have it done a little later in the year and go to the lavender fields south of London.  Anyway, I absolutely recommend her if you live anywhere near London.  The only reason I haven’t put any of her photos up in this post is that I don’t show pictures of my husband or children in my blog.  I did toy with the idea of cropping some photos but that does rather do Dy’s fantastic work an injustice.

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