Running in the rain

This morning, after I dropped my son at nursery, I went for a run.  It was raining pretty hard but I don’t mind – it keeps me cool and realistically I have to shower afterwards no matter what.  The trick is not to run through puddles as my trainers aren’t waterproof, something I didn’t manage to avoid today.

It was wet but I didn't mind
It was wet but I didn’t mind

4 thoughts on “Running in the rain

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for commenting – I did check out your blog and am now following. Honestly, even when it is raining here, it isn’t REALLY cold. I do have a lightweight rain jacket for running when it gets colder.


  1. I have never ran in the rain before but have taken a handful of walks in the rain… and it’s oddly beautiful and peaceful to be out in the middle of it. I get cold and wet easily though even with an umbrella (usually it’s chilly here when it rains) so can’t make it very long. However, it is so enjoyable!

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